"Quality, innovative designs don’t have to cost more. Over the decades, OMS has planned, designed and implemented a vast array of projects in virtually every environmental arena. Check out our individual portfolios to learn more, and contact us for more information.   "

Our Portfolio

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"Dedicated to serving Indiana since 1916. We have a history of forward thinking. OMS was founded in 1916 by architect Wilbur Shook and engineer William McGuire. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, the firm known as McGuire & Shook quickly began building a reputation for introducing innovative design concepts ahead of the trends that others would follow. Heavily influenced. "

Our History

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"Experts in architecture from start to finish, so you don’t have to be. At OMS, we are experts in architecture and one of our team members will be personally responsible from start to finish for your project. We have experienced professionals with best in class industry knowledge who will be resources to you throughout the. "

Our Team

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"OMS is excited to announce a new feature of our website and blog – the Ask OMS section.  Our intent is for you to ask questions, so that we can provide you relevant answers to any questions you may have about our company, people or architecture in general. Have a question? Just ask! Our first. "

Ask OMS and OMS' Top Indianapolis Architecture Projects

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"OMS is proud to showcase its most recent work. View this portfolio to see projects currently under construction. If you are. "

Current Projects

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