McAllen Library

A public library in the town of McAllen, Texas was part of a renovation project. But this wasn’t just any renovation project—it is one of the most interesting re-use projects we have ever seen. After the local Wal-Mart relocated in the town, the 123,000 square-foot, big-box abandoned building was used to house a new public library with an innovative design.

The library has many unique features, including 3D signs that hang from the ceiling, 30 public spaces for meetings and studying, and over 100 public computer labs (with 10 designated computer labs for children, 6 for teens, and 2 for genealogy). In addition, the library has a large auditorium, a café, a used bookstore, and electronic classrooms.

The library was chosen as a recipient of the 2012 Library Interior Design Awards from the American Library Association and the International Interior Design Association.

Not only does this McAllen, TX library have incredible design aspects and modern technologies, it also supports and hosts a town Farmer’s Market, where locals can find a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and many other ingredients.

OMS was inspired by this cool project. Visit this article to see some photos of the McAllen Public Library’s features. Be sure to also check out the OMS portfolio and see what interesting projects the team at OMS has completed.



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