Mt Vernon Middle School New International Cafe and Kitchen


The innovative design of the new Mt Vernon International Cafe is intended to open the minds of the students that dine and spend time in this environment.

Owner Goals:

  • International Café Theme
  • MS Café with sophisticated colors (more in keeping with High School or Post-Secondary academics)
  • Neutral walls with colorful flags
  • Neutral floor with some blue highlights, patterns or features

OMS Thoughts:

  • United Nations “Banquet Hall” or “Great Hall”
  • Bold symbolic floor patterns
  • Seating could provide a “Coffee Shop” atmosphere
  • International flags symbolize and illustrate Global awareness and embraces the strengths and power of our differences
  • This is an environment that creates thought and fosters global awareness

Architect’s Design Statement:

  • The floor pattern contains a circle abstracted from a globe – a purposeful representation of the       fusion of the Middle School’s global awareness
  • The four squares located in the corners of the room symbolize the four corners of the globe coming together for celebration and collaboration