Sarah Black (left) and Abigail Johnson (right)

Odle McGuire Shook has been fortunate enough to have two talented interns for the summer working with the OMS team.

First, Sarah Black, is not your usual intern. She already has her Master of Architecture from the University of Detroit Mercy, and is working towards achieving a second masters in international architectural design at University of Florence this fall.

After this years’ time with us at OMS she’s headed for Europe to continue her studies.  Hopefully she’ll stay in touch and send us some photography of her experiences and some photos of classic European Architecture

“OMS is a well-established firm that has been around since 1916, and as a company it is and has had a ‘history of forward thinking’”, says Intern Sarah Black. “I was impressed by both the history of the firm as well as the teams desire to keep looking forward. Innovation will always keep clients ahead of the curve, and I wanted to work for a firm that was passionate about advancing design and its potential.”

Abigail Johnson is a talented junior at Indiana Wesleyan where she studies interior design. Abigail wanted to intern with us because OMS provides hands-on experience and to gain knowledge and insight from experienced architects and interior designers.

Her passion for interior design and architecture was sparked in High School. She has always enjoyed art and was drawn to express her talent through interior design. She enjoys all aspects of interior design, but at this time will be specializing in medical treatment facilities.

Intern, Abigail Johnson states, “I was interested in OMS because of their known historical roots and experience. Also, their technology and design is impressive.”

“Director of Architectural Services at OMS, Mary Agnew, was the first person I met when I visited. Her total creative team concept won me over from the very beginning. I could tell that Mary had a passion for the architectural industry but she was also passionate about the people that she was working with. From the first day, she treated me like I was already a part of the team. My OMS interview was unique in itself because of her, I could tell she cared and wanted to know who I was for much more than just my design experience.”

Abigail continued, “When you come out of an interview like that you automatically have this trust and want to be a part of this type of organization. I also was excited about the opportunity as an intern to actually get hands on experience and engage in actual projects during my internship.”

This is a special year at OMS because it’s our Centennial year and OMS is experiencing a tremendous upsurge in business. Everyone with the firm has also had the opportunity and enjoyed working with such talented interns.

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