INDIANAPOLIS, IND. – APRIL 18, 2012 –Jen Flegel of Odle McGuire Shook (OMS) came across a rather interesting article showing the history of women in the field of architecture as first showcased in Arch Daily ( Although this article intends to celebrate the history of women and their contributions to architecture without trying to make a case for gender roles, it also points out a decline in the number of women in the field of architecture, most recently since 2001 as the graphic indicates. A survey reveals that of the 671 women who participated in the study, 80% claim becoming a mother and balancing work and family life creates a difficulty, 48% believe their male architects are paid more, and 63% say they have experienced sexual discrimination at the work place.

So what is to blame?  Maybe the inforgraphic will shed some light on the matter, but it seems to me that maybe the recent decline might be due to the economy.  After 9/11, architecture and construction came to a crawl, and maybe some women were called to serve in other areas.  Maybe family became more important.  Maybe layoffs were inevitable and women were the first to be cut.  Perhaps women are choosing not to get their license, but are still working in the field.  I cannot explain the trend, but I am sure the answer is due to a number of different reasons.  However, I do know and hope others see that there have been some great accomplishments by women in architecture, and we shouldn’t be counted out.

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