The city of Martinsville recently approved new Gateway Signage. Martinsville has partnered with OMS on this project. OMS Landscape Architect Ben Rawlins, ASLA, says, “The sign is meant to evoke the Italianate style of the Morgan County courthouse clock tower but in a more simple form. The industrial steel sign frame, reminiscent of the old high school gymnasium interior structure is complimented by the brick and limestone base.”

Graphic panels on 2 sides can be changed to reflect special events, local celebrities and seasonal graphics. The sign graphic panels will be lit by small spotlights, and the graphic spelling out Martinsville at the top of the sign will be internally lit. Evergreen and perennial plants will give seasonal color at the base. Brick patterned concrete will create a view zone around the sign to provide a safe intersection.

In August, the city placed a full size mockup of the sign on the island to verify that the sign would not block views of drivers turning from Morton Avenue to Main Street.

The below drawings are of the sign and a map showing where the sign will be located within the city.

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Martinsville Signage


Location of New Signage


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