The curtain has gone up for the opening and dedication ceremony Sunday, May 6th, 2018 for the new Monroe-Gregg School District Center for the Performing Arts.  This new facility is located in Monrovia Indiana and is intended for use by the entire school district.  

Architectural firm (OMS) Odle McGuire Shook designed this captivating and modern educational structure which features a 600-seat auditorium encompassing 30,000 square feet of new construction including new instrumental/band plus vocal/choir instructional areas.    

The building features a modern contemporary, low maintenance ageless brick facade with disability accessible entries and access points to the main entry lobby.  The building structure and curved front entry canopy include imaginative architectural features that separate this facility from many School Performance Centers.  

The Monroe-Gregg School District Center for the Performing Arts has many creative nuances. Education is all about inclusion for all. One innovative feature includes having cross-aisles and wheelchair accessible ramps on opposite side of the stage (both left and right stage entrances), allowing all students and the community the opportunity to participate walk across the stage during convocations and to accept an award without having to backtrack along one’s previous path of travel.  

The facility creates and intimates seating arrangement where one feels close to the performers enhancing acoustics and the performance experience.  The project includes a full-fly stage loft for maximum flexibility in stagecraft 

Matt Mayol C.E.O. of the architecture firm Odle McGuire Shook said, “We are pleased that the community and the school board members feel that this new facility represents a long-term investment in the academics and performing arts because this facility will provide a lifetime of memorable performing arts experiences for Monroe-Gregg talent.  We’re extremely proud to have been selected as architects for this project and to be here today celebrating with everyone in the community”.

OMS has always designed solutions that balance form with function.  This outstanding building and facility aren’t just for performances, it also provides instructional areas for arts and music classes.  This facility will also open-up valuable classroom space in the main middle school facility for additional instruction. 

The opening to the public dedication ceremony was well attended with several keynote speakers including Master of Ceremonies, Monrovia High School Graduate and Alumni Mark Jaynes as known as the “Voice of the Indianapolis 500”.  

There was also live inaugural stage entertainment with performances by the Monrovia Elementary Choir, The Shooting Stars, and the Monrovia High School Band.  The National Anthem was performed by Alumni, Natalie (Pridemore) Gamble.

The school board members and the building corporation members were all recognized at this event. Monroe-Gregg School official at the celebration stated, “This performing arts center represents a long-term investment in the future success of our community for years to come.” 

The new Center for the Performing Arts on the Monrovia Middle School Campus receives an A+ and standing ovation for innovative and functional architectural design while creating an excellent environment for many future wonderful educational experiences. 

Thanks to the Monroe-Gregg School District and the Board of Education, it’s finally Showtime!