In January of 1931, Rushville Public Library became the talk of the town. At the dedication ceremony, several hundred members of the community waited to see the brand-new library OMS designed where the old depot of the I & C Traction Line stood. 

Depot of the I & C Traction Line Where the Rushville Public Library now Stands

At first glance, the limestone structure looks like a church. However, according to a newspaper article from January 18, 1931, people noticed the “… spacious reading rooms and modern display of books.”

Apparently, the discussion amongst the town was interesting. Miss Mary Sleeth, the first librarian at Rushville Public Library, hosted a weekly lunch of the Rotary to discuss the new building. She asserted, “An artistic and beautiful building is as educational as the books.” OMS agrees.

Today, according to the Rushville Library, it holds more than 30,000 books, over 1000 videos and DVDs, 1000 spoken-word and music CD’s, collections of puppets and statues as well as genealogy and local and state history resources. There is also a special Wendell Willkie collection in the Indiana Room.

Rushville Public Library Cornerstone

During the beginning of our Nation’s Great Depression, OMS designed a building that brought the present and future together by giving Rushville hope of new beginnings for years to come. OMS is honored to have played a part in the historic Rushville Public Library.





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