Did you know that the amount of solar energy that hits our planet each hour is enough to provide the energy needs of Earth’s entire population for an entire year? It’s true!

Greg Perkins, Project Architect at OMS, surrounded by the solar panels that have allowed the library to save over $13,000 a year.

Odle McGuire Shook was the lead architect to expand and renovate the Danville Public Library. The library board also invested in roof top solar panels and we think this is the perfect example of “forward thinking”.

Danville Public Library wanted more than a creative design, they wanted a smarter design. Johnson Melloh Solutions,  who is a leader in the solar energy sector nationwide, installed the roof top solar panel system. It produces 62.53 MWh annually. They also installed high-efficiency HVAC units and a LED lighting system.

Kurt Schneider from Johnson Melloh Solutions said, “The library had been paying $23,000 a year for their electrical bill. Now, with the use of the solar panels and efficient lighting, they are approximately paying $9,200 a year.” Those numbers also consider the added square footage.

OMS skillfully designed the array so that the solar panels were not visible from the sidewalk below.

Congressman Todd Rokita, Representative from Indiana’s Fourth Congressional District, believes solar energy can play a large part in our country’s future.

“I am proud to see one of our community libraries taking advantage of solar power, especially in our backyard at the Danville Public Library,” stated Congressman Todd Rokita.

Along with the use of solar panels, Odle McGuire Shook Architecture also added a 2 story, 4,300 square foot addition and renovated the existing 14,000 square foot Danville Public Library.

The library’s aesthetic goal was a contemporary design that complimented the original look of the building. To do this, OMS used similar materials like buff colored brick and Ashlar Patterned Wisconsin Limestone.

We believe this is a smart investment for the City and community. The Danville Public Library project was completed in spring of this year.






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